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Water/Wastewater adds a New Vendor

We woMainsail Eng Logo Green on Transparent With Taglineuld like to welcome Mainsail Global to our list of products and vendors for water/wastewater facilities!  Mainsail Global is Fine Bubble Industrial Wastewater Aeration.  They are set up to deliver CUSTOMER DEFINED value. The folks at Mainsail are business people from the real world, who understand that you need to see return on investment. Economic expectations are attached to capital and operation expenses as well as cost of goods.  They provide products and solutions that work.  Embracing a specialized “micro-market” focus reminds us that no two waste streams are alike, even within industries.  The customer’s unique insight is a valuable part of the process.  Mainsail Global has over 1/2 million membranes in the market with ZERO warranty claims!  For more information, read this Report on Surface Aeration vs. Fine Bubble.