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S4 Bootcamp a Success!


In October, HSC sent a team of talented individuals to the S4 offices in Ogden, Utah for their two day bootcamp training session.  The team was composed of Owen Clark, a seasoned engineer who has proven to be an asset to the HSC family, John Hughes the company’s COO who brought the corporate and organizational management skills, and Chris Sergent, the sales engineer who came to the boot camp unsure of what the S4 product was going to be able to do for their customers and left with a commitment to help customers they could not help in the past.

Prior to the start of training, the S4 staff always asks the attendees what they want to walk away with as a result of attending the boot camp. Owen wanted to understand the S4-Automated Logic connection. Chris wanted to know the product so he could represent and sell it to customers. John Hughes wanted to know everything about the S4 products:  how to sell it, install it, and service it. He was concerned about getting in over their heads with the product. Fully understanding the products they use and sell is a testament to HSC’s commitment to quality service and support.

At the end of the intense two days, the group was demo ready.  In other words, they understand what the value of the product is to their customers and are ready to train staff in how to install and service the product, and educate their customers as to the availability and benefits of the S4 integration solution.

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Special Note to all Automated Logic Dealers – HSC will be a Distributor for any integrator (working with any BAS) needing S4 products in their geographic service area. HSC is focused on providing S4 products, providing and completing pre-sales support, and 1st level technical support for all ALC dealers and branches.

After the last system was configured, S4 asked the group why other companies should send people to boot camp. Chris was quick to say, “This experience far exceeded my expectations.” John added, “You have the opportunity to learn all you can to be knowledgeable for your customers during boot camp. I had all my questions answered and even more I had as I was going through the training. A good investment.”

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