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Building Automation

Building Automation Systems (BAS) or intelligent building systems are utilized in facilities to control and monitor energy equipment and systems in order to efficiently manage energy consumption without sacrificing comfort.

In a BAS system, software programs are implemented to control and monitor electrical and mechanical equipment in order to maintain setpoints, such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide levels. HSC works with our clients to determine their system requirements (controlled lighting, ventilation, power, etc.) for maximum performance. We also conduct energy system audits in order to determine critical system components for our customized building automation systems. While the core functions of a BAS are to control a facility’s environment and energy usage; implementation of the system often results in reduced maintenance cost.

Energy System Audits

Before Building Automation System (BAS) design can begin, HSC performs an energy system audit of the facility’s existing equipment, software, and energy usage. A typical energy audit includes viewing the facility’s layout, system locations, occupancy levels, and an evaluation of equipment and software. A review of the previous year’s energy bill is also required.

The audit provides a comprehensive overview of the facility’s energy consuming systems: HVAC, air handlers, thermostats, boilers, generators, chillers, water heaters, lighting, etc., as well as a review of any problems or system deficiencies. This review provides direction (in terms of resources required to accomplish specific tasks) by helping to determine potential cost and energy efficiency savings.

Mathematical and engineering analysis, performance measures and standards are then used to specify, predict and evaluate system performance. After the analysis is complete, HSC will then recommend a plan of action to achieve the payback identified.

HSC energy management systems are developed per client and industry specifications. Only after client sign off is the system designed and implemented.

Maintenance – Long Term Support

Problems with control systems are inevitable; however, HSC Industrial’s clientele have an advantage when these situations arise. HSC understands the importance of critical systems and operates with a sense of urgency when responding to malfunctions to eliminate down-time and get clients operating. Service after the sale is synonymous with HSC. We will provide ongoing maintenance throughout the life of the Automated Logic Energy Management System.

Routine maintenance is vital to maintaining energy cost savings. Long-term support services include: system maintenance, repairs, equipment troubleshooting, system additions, and changes.