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HSC Water/Wastewater

aerial view of sewage treatment plantHSC has been serving Water/Wastewater clients for over thirty years with 24 hour sales, service and engineering. Our combined staff has over fifty years of experience in solving and assisting with your SCADA/Telemetry, control and process needs. Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers and earn their trust and confidence through the integration of people, technology, products and end-user support. Our diverse team of professional engineers has the expertise to design and install:

  • PUMP CONTROLS: We provide comprehensive pump-starting switch gear engineering, design, manufacture and installation. Our team of experts will insure you have optimum pump operation.
  • LIQUID LEVEL CONTROLS: These applications provide an automated means to regulate, document, and maintain liquid levels for water/wastewater plants, chemical plants and mining concerns.
  • FLOW METERS: HSC is your go-to flow meter vendor and installation service provider. Flow meters facilitate the monitoring of flow rate and total flow. They allow you to document your flow history, creating a useful record for future use and problem solving.
  • AUTO ALARM DIALERS: These mechanisms are essential for notification of system failure of malfunction. HSC auto alarm dialers can contact several emergency numbers so that the problem is broadcasted, addressed and rectified as soon as possible. Variable frequency drives and soft start motor controls will increase the life of your machinery, control liquids to varying flow rates and maintain controlled flow according to process requirement.
  • TELEMETRY/SCADA SYSTEMS & PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLERS: HSC can service or expand existing system. Our team can install Telemetry/SCADA or auto alarm dialers to your existing system. We can also service or install variable frequency drives (VFD) and soft-start motor controls.
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