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Electromagnetic Flow, Vortex/Swirl, Sensyflow, Ultrasonic Level, Magnetic Level Gauge,
Pressure Transmitter, Differential Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Sensor, Circular Chart Recorders, Screen Master Recorders, Control Master, pH/Redox, Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Dissolved Organics, Ammonia, Phosphate, Nitrate, Fluoride, Iron, Manganese, Aluminum, Oygen Zirconia, SensySal Controller
Low Voltage Drivers: 120-600 VAC, 0.25-3000 HP
Medium Voltage Drivers: 250 kw to 100 mw, 335 hp to 134000 hp


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AC and DC Motors
AC and DC Gearmotors
Soft Starts

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Screening Equipment: Pump Station Bar Screen, Inclined Cylindrical Screen, Multiple Rake Bar Screen, Washer Compactor, Internally Fed Rotating Drum Screen, Grit Classifier
Sludge Treatment: Gravity Belt, Thickener, Plate Filter Press, Belt Filter Press, Combo GBT + BFP

Wastewater Treatment: ISAM-Integrated Surge, Anoxic Mix, SAM-Surge Anoxic Mix, Jet MCR-Multi Channel Orbital, SBR-Sequencing Batch Reactor
Sludge Reduction System: ISAM-Sludge Reduction System
Grit Removal: High Efficiency Hydro-Grit, Standard Efficiency, Hydro-Grit, Grit Classifier
Aeration/Mixing: Jet Aeration, Jet Aspiration, Jet Mixing
Decanters: Fixed and Floating Decanters
Filtration: FFP-Fixed Plate Cloth Filter, PUF-Pathogen & Phosphorus Ultrafiltration


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Phase Monitors, Voltage Monitors, Duplex/Triplex Alternators, Time Delay Relays, Level Measurement, Pump Monitor Relay PMR1, Pump Monitor Relay PMP2: Mini CAS II Flyt Replacement, Intrinsically Safe Relays & Barriers, Station Controller: Simplexer, Duplexer, Intrinsically Duplexer, SC100, SL1000, SC2000


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Water Level & Flow
Water Samplers & Quality
Remote Monitoring


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WebMaster, pH/ORP Controllers, Electrodeless Conductivity, WebAlert Remote Monitoring and Datalogging, W100W controllers, Chemical Pumps, Vtouch Remote Account Manager, Free Chlorine Disinfectant, Liquid Polymer Feed System

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VTS HMI Software
VTS SCADA Software
VTS Alarm Dialer
VTS Internet Client


Guard Dog Web Software
Control/Monitoring/Alarm: Crystal Ball
Monitoring/Alarm: XR50, Viper, Smart Light

Accutech Wireless Instrumentation
Flow Station
Trio Data Radio

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P.D. Blowers
Turbo Blowers
Blower Packages